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Happy Dog Maxi Welpen 15kg

Dog food/ arrow Happy Dog Maxi Welpen 15kg

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Happy Dog Maxi Welpen 15kg

45,20 €
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1 - 145,20 €
2 - 243,20 €
3 - 342,77 €
Happy Dog Maxi Welpen 15kg
45,20 €

Balanced supply of nutrients
High-quality proteins
NaturCroq puppy food is the balanced and highly digestible dry food for puppies from 4 weeks to 6 months.
High-quality proteins of animal origin, fully broken down indigenous grain, all necessary minerals, vitamins and trace elements in this puppy food provide the best conditions for healthy growth.
For medium and large breed puppies from 6 months we recommend Supreme Medium Junior or Supreme Maxi Junior with a lower protein content.

Analytical constituents:
crude protein 29%
crude fat 14%
crude fibre, 3%
crude ash 7%
Carbohydrates (NfE)39.5%
calcium 1.25%
phosphorus 0.85%
sodium 0.25%
potassium 0.45%

poultry meat meal, wheat flour, maize flour, meat meal, rice flour, whole grain maize, poultry fat, beef fat, fish meal, hydrolysed liver, beet slices, meat meal, apple pomace (dried) (0.8%), yeast (dried), malt sprouts, sodium chloride, green oats (dried), sunflowers (dried), cress (dried), parsley (dried), (total green herbs: 0.3%). Digestible energy: 1,670 kJ/100 g
Happy Dog Maxi Welpen 15kg
45,20 €


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