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Quebec Q-Pack set

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Quebec Q-Pack set

80,96 €
72,86 €
You Save: 10.00%
Quebec Q-Pack set
80,96 €  72,86 €

Buy in set! Pay 10% less, get 30% more! SPECIAL HEALTH CARE PROGRAM for SPECIAL DOGS, based on special complementary feed supplements. Components: IRON-Q 120 tabs, Q-FLEX 120 tabs, Q-FORCE 300 g and Q-SPEED 300 g.

Destinated to: high and intense racing, training and working dogs.

Indications: During the trainings, races or intense works, the phisical and mental resources of dogs are constantly used. For a fast recovery and the best performance, the organism need to be "refueled" with all nutrients, vitamins and molecules consumed during the effort. Q-PACK program is a special health care program build on real physiological needs!

IRON-Q through it's special iron (Fe) content assure the right quantity of iron needed for the best oxigenation. IRON-Q is reccomanded to be administrated to ensure the right level of iron (Fe) in blood. It has a supporting effect during intense training perods, race seasons or hard work sessions of dogs. IRON-Q facilitates oxygen delivery to muscles increasing the effort and labor capacity.

Q-FLEX is reccomanded to be administrated for the protection of joints, tendons, joints injuries (contusions, sprains, dislocations, etc) or as an additional treatment of damaged or overforced joint tissues. It reduces pain in the joints, helps to regain the original capacity of motion and flexibility of the dogs.

Q-FORCE contain those substances needed for a high resistance and a fast recovery after intense effort. Due to it's components comprehend optimally the antioxidant and regenerative effect of omega oils with the intense antiinflamatory effect of glucosamine. The vitamins and aminoacids beside the herb extracts are mean to be the right support for regenerative and long term metabolism.

Q-SPEED acts at superior air ways and pulmonar/alveolar level. Release the superior air tracts, it has a calming, anticonvulsant, phlegm dissolving effect on the respiratory organs, eases the respiratory tracts. It's compositon helps maintaining the resistance of the respiratory organs against various infections.

Each one of the 4 products from Q-PACK program can be administrated separately, with good effects, but for the best results it is recommanded to be administrated through the Q-PACK program, all together simultaneous. They increase each other's effects and ensure a high performance without spoiling the organism, but keeping a nice, healthy and pleasant external aspect of the dogs.

Contraindications: unknown.

Warning: keep out of reach of children

Store: at room temperature, away from heat and humidity.

Produced in EU.
Quebec Q-Pack set
80,96 €  72,86 €


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Quebec Q-Pack set Quebec Q-Pack set 80,96 €
72,86 €
You Save: 10.00%

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